Tug Boat Directions

Directions to Tug Boat at Lake Glen Haven in Louisa VA

**Please review the Directions before leaving incase your cell service is spotty when you arrive.**

*Driveway is paved, with a line of evergreens on the right. If the driveway is not paved, you are on the wrong driveway. The numbers 1694 are on a Red sign on the fence and on the Mailbox on the opposite side of the road.

Once you enter our driveway at 1694 Tisdale Rd, continue down .5 mile driveway entering the woods.


After passing the red "SLOW" Sign and going through the 2nd gate you will go up a small hill and see a few garages/sheds.

The road will turn to gravel and the Log Cabin is in front of you.

Continue past the Cabin on the gravel drive.

Following the gravel turn left after the gray shed and continue over the Dam.

Lake will be on your left as you cross the Dam.

Coming off of the Dam down a small hill, continue a few hundred yards.

The Airstream is on your RIGHT and your dock is on the left.

Park close to the Airstream to unload if you like, you may want to move you vehicle back to the gravel road to not block your view of the lake.

Welcome! Please let us know if you need anything!